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b2ap3_thumbnail_sasha.jpgMEET OUR NEWEST TEAM MEMBER - SASHA PETE.

Sasha has joined the centre bringing with him an amazing gift of "Tarot Reading".

It is tough times for many at present and this is when some of us seek some guidance, whether just for confirmation or actually to highlight what is ahead so you can be prepared.

Sasha is a very gifted reader, and reads according to what the cards give him for you in the reading, he prefers you do not tell him anything until the end and then you can ask more questions for clarification or confirm what he has said.

We are very privileged to have Sasha as part of our team, but we must ask for patience if you are wanting to book as there is about a two week wait due to the demand for his services at this time.


b2ap3_thumbnail_glutenfree.jpgGLUTEN FREE SPECIALTY ONLINE SHOP.

As those of you that have visited our website recently will see that I have become Gluten intolerant and its been a very interesting journey. I have been trying a miriad of products only to find that you end up with this claggy mess on your plate.

Well I am going to trial all products before they go up on my website so you can feel safe about the results you will be getting.

I would love your input as well, if you find a GREAT product I should know about please email me on   and also I would love to hear your great recipes . I have just trialed "Orgran" puff pastry as I was feeling like home made pasties or apple turnovers. Well I purchased the packed dry mix, then read the instructions and it sat on my bench for a week as it was going to be a marathon to make. I had to mix wet and dry mixture then roll out then place butter between folder pastry reroll and freeze for 10 mins, repeat this 6 or 8 times then rest pastry. This is a nightmare for a busy person. But today I found time and I must say my pastry turned out like shortcrust not puff, so I will give it one more go and then make my decision.

I hope you all join me in this great journey and we can share many hints, products and recipes together, Here is my first one given to me by a wonderful client and yes I have baked it already - so quick and very tasty.



3/4 cup White Wings Cornflour

1 Tablespoon  White Wings Custard Powder

1 .1/2 teaspoons of Gluten Free Baking Powder (lotus or Wards)

4 eggs - large

3/4 cup Castor Sugar

Pure Icing Sugar


Passion Fruit (for Icing)


Preheat the oven at 190 degrees Celsius.


Grease 2 round cake tins (8.5 inch) and line with greaseproof paper on the bottom.

Sift the cornflour, custard powder and baking powder five times- keep to the side.

Seperate the eggs, and place whites in a mixing bowl. Mix until fluffy, add half of the sugar and mix in. Add the remainder of sugar and mix in. Add beaten yolks and mix in,


With a knife fold in the dry ingredients (i would sift into the wet mixture)

Place half in each tin and place tins on middle shelf in oven and cook in a moderate oven (190) for approx 17mins. Cool in tins until warm and place on a wire rack.

Fill with whipped cream and ice with icing made from icing sugar and passionfruit.

ENJOY. please send me your favourite recipe



Todays article is really just a very interesting story that came to me.
It is about a chap called Cedar Anderson and his father.
They got together and created an amazing BEE HIVE that drains the honey via a tap, rather than disturb the bees by smoking them out, this method is very practical for both the beekeeper and the bees.
Take a look at this video





b2ap3_thumbnail_roundup.jpgRoundup® recently found in SunChips

I hope you see this before you eat lunch today, especially if you’re a chip lover.
GMO Free USA, a national advocacy group, recently announced that Frito Lay's SunChips tested positive for glyphosate, a popular weed-killing chemical and the active ingredient in Monsanto’s herbicide Roundup®.
Their testing also showed the chips contained 100 percent GMO (genetically modified) corn, so it’s no surprise that the chips contain glyphosate, since GMO crops are typically sprayed with Roundup® during the growing process.
This creates a serious double-edged sword as far as your health is concerned. 
Here’s why I say that—what you must know about GMO foods and the potential dangers of glyphosate, and what you can do to minimize the risk they pose to your health.
GMO foods—what are they exactly?
Nature has a history of creating different variations of plants through a type of cross-breeding, typically with insects or the wind moving pollen from one plant to another.
This has been going on since the dawn of time and what results many times is a "new and improved" species of plant that may be more sturdy or nutritious than its "ancestors." This was the initial idea behind GMO crops—to create crops that would be heartier and produce greater yields than conventional crops.
But the problems started to rise when GMO scientists began playing Mother Nature.
Because they're not conducting experiments in a lab sprinkling pollen from plant to plant, waiting to see if the offspring have any advantages over the original plants.
Instead they’re altering the genetic code (DNA) of plants by cutting off bits of a living organism's DNA and splicing them into a completely unrelated species.


b2ap3_thumbnail_birds-eye.jpgRE THE ISSUE WITH FROZEN BERRIES & VEGIES.

Well we are all hearing about the Frozen berries health scare- I hope I do not have to worry about any of my readers after educating you last year about the “cancerous” risks with frozen berries. I hope from then on you all froze your own berries.
If you missed the article or wish to recap on this info please view these two links


The ONLY Australian manufacturer of frozen Australian grown vegetables (Simplot Australia) is not far from closing because a number of the other well-known Australian brands have moved their plants to New Zealand in order to capture the Chinese vegetable market where they market via New Zealand to Australian tables (without the food being labelled specifically as Chinese) and Simplot is finding it hard to compete.

 This was shown on the program Landline on the ABC


 For a number of reasons this is not a good situation.

 1. As most people know, other countries do not necessarily have the strict guidelines for growing their vegetables that Australia has and by buying Australian we can be sure that lethal chemicals that may be used in other countries will not be used on Australian vegetables.

 2. We would be losing Australians jobs.

3. If ever the world became unstable regarding wartime we would not be able to feed ourselves

 It is imperative that we all support these Australian brands selling good Australian vegetable products (via Simplot): Birdseye and Edgell.

 Next time you shop, please think about the future of Australian food.

 What do you reckon folks? Let’s buy Birdseye and Edgell.

 Some of us love our designer labels. We buy premium brand shoes, premium brand clothing and well known premium perfumes and handbags.

BUT ... we also look buy the cheapest food we can for our children to eat. That doesn't make sense.

 This is so true. The farmers in Tasmania are extremely worried about Simplot's impending closure. They also have a lone food processing plant in Bathurst subjected to the same uncertainty.

 If these last remaining plants close, it means that China then has total control over our fresh/frozen vegie industry.

 It is particularly disturbing to see that Chinese-grown vegetables are coming in branded as a product of New Zealand..