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How well do you know your mobile phone ?
I bet you are never far away from it, it hears all your secrets, it keeps you in touch with loved ones, but how well do you REALLY know it.
All mobile phones emit radiation when they communicate with cell towers, this radiation is used as an information carrier. Cell phone radiation is a type of electromagnetic wave in microwave frequency range. With more and more people constantly using these phones, it questions the health risks to the body, especially to the brain. Did you know that when you hold a cell phone to your ear the radiation emitted to the head/ brain is like cooking your tissue the way you cook food in a microwave.
The type of radiation coming out of a cell phone


I Often am asked how I know so much about my clients and their lifes – some even call me a witch.
There are many area’s that you can learn about what and how the incidents in your life play out in your body, ( or even your car).

I love to take many of these areas and apply it to my clients and see if it fits and yes, it usually does.

I love to look at my clients


b2ap3_thumbnail_large-piece-fake-salmon.jpgFAKE SALMONSome interesting articles I have read lately, thought you would like.
When you think of salmon in the wild, you're usually imagining a bunch of strong, determined fish swimming upward through a waterfall, maybe while getting chased by bears. It's the blood rushing through the powerful salmon's veins that makes its flesh so pink and healthy -- by devouring it, you also absorb its strength and the spirit of the untamed Alaskan wilderness.  At least, that used to be how it worked. Most of the salmon you eat today has never swum a single damn inch upstream . Instead of the Alaskan wilderness, today's salmon only contain the spirit of the cramped, overcrowded salmon farms in which they spent their entire lives. Because the fish can't move much and their diet consists entirely of aquarium pellets, the salmon that arrives at your local Supermarket is as gray as a British winter.
So how do they recapture the soul of Alaska? They pump the salmon full of pink dye, obviously. The pellets they feed to those aquatic prisoners are infused with a line of colouring agents developed by the pharmaceutical giant “Hoffman-La Roche” and selected according to a colour fan. That's right -- just like the ones you use to choose the colour of your wall paint from the hardware store. Behold, the SalmoFan:

This is no small-scale stuff, either. It is said that about 95%  of Atlantic salmon is currently farmed, and pretty much all of it is dyed.
Now to top this is what I have just signed a petition for and that is to stop GE Salmon from coming into our country.
Ready to feast on the world's first fake salmon? 

Hungry to savor the "first genetically modified animal approved for widespread commercial production and human food," 

If YES, then 2012 might be your lucky gastronomic year, as the U.S. Food & Drug Administration is quite anxious to approve AquaBounty's genetically engineered salmon... dubbed "Frankenfish" by its many critics... and the FDA apparently doesn't give a damn what the public thinks.  

About GMO Salmon
Briefly, AquaBounty Technologies has engineered a fast-growing Atlantic salmon by "artificially combining growth hormones from an unrelated Pacific salmon with DNA from the anti-freeze genes of an eelpout. 

"This modification causes production of growth-hormone year-round, creating a fish the company claims grows at twice the normal rate, allowing factory fish farms to crowd fish into pens and still get high production rates," per the Center for Food Safety. 

The result is a farmed, genetically modified salmon... transgenic salmon...  that reaches market in half the time, 18 months rather than three years.  The company christened its new creation the AquAdvantage salmon.

Critics and Opponents 
Criticisms and vital concerns over  the AquAdvantage salmon have been lodged by a broad spectrum of anguished public:

By academics and scientists specializing in biotechnology, animal genomics, sustainable science, nutrition and health, toxicology,  and more. A fascinating NPR discussion between two such academics, from UC Davis and Dartmouth College, can be found if you just type in "Debating Genetically Modified Salmon".

The New York Times then reported in Chefs Joint Campaign Against Altered Fish, "The boycott is being led by the Center for Food Safety, Clean Water Action and Friends of the Earth... The list of chefs allied with them include high-profile names like Thomas Keller of the French Laundry.. ; Michel Richard of Citronelle... ; and in New York, Mario Batali at Babbo, Jean-Georges Vongerichten of Jean Georges, David Pasternack at Esca and Eric Ripert at Le Bernardin."

Some groups say fish fakery is a health problem and an environmental one, as well. Farm-raised salmon can contain more fat and antibiotics. And some tropical fish carry ciguatera, which can cause devastating neurological effects similar to multiple sclerosis. Often, endangered species are sold as more common types. 
"American consumers would be outraged if they ordered roast beef and they got horse meat or God forbid, whale meat," Hirshfield said. "They should be outraged if they order snapper and they get tilapia or some endangered species." 
"I think American consumers should be really unhappy about the fact they are not getting what they pay for when it comes to ordering fish a really large percentage of the time," he said. 
The FDA has purchased five DNA testing machines and hopes to start testing for fish fraud by the end of the year. 
Oceana said it wants the FDA to require fish to be tagged, tracked and then tested. 
"As we do this testing," Therion's Gergits said, "we can't understand why there is not more legislation, not more proactive action to curtail this sort of behavior." 
The National Fisheries Institute, the nation's largest seafood trade association, started the Better Seafood Board in 2007 to deal with fish fraud. 
Spokesman Gavin Gibbons said the mislabeling of fish was not just species substitution, "it's fraud and there are very real consequences for perpetrating fraud." 



This newsletter I am going to talk about the herb that is used regularly in most kitchens:
ROSEMARY….. The ancient Greek Scholars used to wear garlands of Rosemary during examinations to improve their memory and concentration.

It is said that Rosemary has many wonderful qualities as well as tasting delicious, some of these are:
Being an antioxidant……….scavenger for oxygen radicals
Antibacterial……………….assists fighting bacteria, and is said to be an antifungal.
Anti- inflammatory….
Antispasmotic…………. For all muscle spasms / cramps


owen coughcomplexBITES AND STINGS
Its so lovely to have the warm weather here and as most people take advantage of this and have BBQ's or go on picnics, even camping. Along with this lovely weather comes those buzzing insects such as mosquitos and bees etc.

Our centre stocks Owen Homeopathics which have a great reputation for relief from these "stinging times"
Now is the time to consider purchasing a couple of these homeopathics to keep handy and ready for that needed moment. Homeopathics make a great FIRST AID kit (what a great idea for a Christmas gift).
Most Homeopathics have many uses, they definately are useful in the medicine cabinet.

APIS...is used for most bites and stings that become Red, Shiney and swollen. This can also be used for nettle rash, allergic erruptions or sore throats with a stinging pain.
This can be used for Burns where Red swollen and shiney, also Urine issues where burning is felt.
BELLADONNA.... bites and stings - Rapid swelling but violent symptoms, there is redness. heat and throbbing and burning. Possibly fever and an excited mental state.
Great for anything inflammoratory in children such as dog bites. Treats conditions such as earache, colds and flu, sore throat, headache, toothache or mastitis.

So you can see from just these two remedies how handy they would be in the home.Owen's range is about 40 different remedies that you can choose from, but most of all BE PREPARED FOR THOSE MOZZIES.
The Natural Approach 03 93708777owen coughcomplex