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b2ap3_thumbnail_springtime.jpgSPRING THE SEASON OF NUTURING.
Spring is the time when the fertility of nature comes to life and is visible. This is the season when you begin to see some results from your NEW YEARS (Winter) resolutions.  This is the time to Spring clean, be diligent to bring your resolutions to fruition.
As we learnt from my Facebook page Each season relates to a Gland in the body, Spring is your THYROID GLAND. This is located in the lower part of your neck and affects the rate at which all tissues metabolise by regulating the speed of their chemical reactions, the volume of oxygen they consume and the amount of heat they produce. The roles of the hormones produced by the Thyroid or is companions the parathyroid glands affect: your metabolism, energy production, electrolyte balance, the body’s utilisation of fat, proteins and carbohydrates, also development of central nervous system. Your Calcium in the blood stream is a result of the parathyroid’s work, we need this calcium for strong bones, teeth, and it plays a part in blood clotting and the functioning of nerves and muscles.
We can look after this gland by drinking approximately 2 litres of water per day, as this gland is a monitor for your emotional life as well. When it is out of balance you may feel depressed, teary, or frustrated. 
MOTTO for Spring.
The motto for Spring is “Tolerate all things”, this includes people, things, and situations. Remember it is not what happens to you that creates your future, it is how you respond to it.
WORD for Spring,
The word to avoid during Spring is “JUST”, by adding this you diminish what you have to say eg.”I’d just like to say this…”  If you have something to say, it is worth saying it, so say it.
Juice for spring is LEMON JUICE, they contain Vit.C which will assist the Thyroid function, preferably squeeze fresh using pith and rind (after washing well).
Foods that need eliminating or only having once in four days are the “LILY” family, these are onions, garlic, leeks, and asparagus. By following this you will ensure you digest, assimilate and utilise them, taking only the best from them.
Beneficial foods at this time are vegetables high in sodium, as sodium is needed by the body at this time. These include zucchini, beans, spinach, celery. 
Sugar cravings are a sign of a depleted thyroid gland, and simple sugars only cause further depletion so follow the above and strengthen the thyroid.
The essential oil for September is CYPRESS, check out our facebook page in the next week for exercises that will benefit you throughout Spring:click here
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Healing qualities of GarlicGARLIC and its wonderful healing qualities.

How much do you know about garlic. Lets learn more about this amazing herb.
Studies in Pennsylvania have shown garlic to inhibit breast cancer cell formation as compounds in this vegetable family are involved in production of enzymes that neutralize cancer causing chemicals.

Garlic eliminates intestinal worms (parasites) and is said to prolong the lifespan of normal skin cells along with fighting heart disease. As Garlic helps counteract increased platelet stickiness after a high fat meal.
Platelets are disc shaped components of blood that stick together and to artery walls.


Spiritual ReadingHAVING A READING, Be It PSYCHIC or Guided.

What is it I need? Are you one of the many people going through challenges that are coming in fast and furious from our universe? Yes the two eclipses (one either side of the moon in May) have created amazing energy to make us look at our life.

Some clients have chosen to have a Spiritual Reading


b2ap3_thumbnail_constipation.jpgCONSTIPATIONis described as a pattern of bowel movements  that has changed from regular (at least once a day) to irregular, infrequent, or difficult movements.

I see many that suffer from this condition daily in my clinic- and its interesting to note very few look at the bodies structure as a cause. If you look at the spine and you have a back issue/ pain happening maybe you have restriction on the area of the first lumber vertebrae (L1) other issues this area might cause are diarrhoea, dysentery, colitis or possible hernia. If this is the cause of your constipation, by having  your back addressed I should think your issues should resolve.

There are other causes for constipation and one should not reach for the laxative to soon. Some medications can cause urinary retention or constipation- antidepressants such as Prozac are culprits here. As Constipation is a symptom not a disease and taking a laxative could mask a more serious problem.

Naturally one of the most common causes is processed food- not enough fibre in the diet, this can be remedied by adding fresh fruit and vegetables to the diet along with grains such as bran, as everyone is different and quantities will vary for each case, so play with this. If bran causes gas or bloating try psyllium fibre ( a reaction of bloating or gas could indicate Celiac’s disease – more on that next newsletter). Remember if you take psyllium fibre you MUST increase your water intake or you could create an obstruction in the bowel.


DEPRESSION; - If you do not have this I am sure you know someone who has or has had this. Yes this illness is so plentiful at present everywhere I turn some one is affected by it.
I am saddened that life has got so overwhelming for some that they do not know which way to turn or who their support system is anymore.

Then the body becomes so “out of balance” it is hard to find the way back- it is as if you are in a strange city and forgotten your way back to your hotel room.