Thursday Happy Hint  -  Tinnitus July 2016




How many of you suffer from Tinnitus, I hear you say “a lot”, yes that ringing in the ears is annoying to say the least but can become unbearable.


I treat tinnitus regularly, knowing it has many causes- some that are caused from the bodies structural basis, others from loud noise damage, or it can come with age.


But if nothing is working (so you have corrected the alignment of your body, and Ear Candling) then lets look at other treatments. I had a friend who used  ESSENTIAL OILS, and got good results.


The oil was used on the toes and fingers , the temples, forehead and back of the neck.


Her ringing in the ears left after 10 days and has not returned (that was 12 months ago).




Good oils are not cheap, but worth the investment- DO NOT USE FRAGRANCE OILS.


Mix 2 drops each oil and massage on temples and back neck.


Additionally apply 1 drop of each oil to tips fingers and toes, so that the oils get into the Vita Flex pathways. (a change in hearing can often be noticed within 15-20 minutes).


Oils are:


Helichrysum, Juniper, Geranium, Peppermint, Lavender, Basil.




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Thursday Healthy Hint  COLDS & FLU SEASON June 2016


 This week we will cover both the deterrence of and the treatment of simple respiratory ailments.


As we close in on winter and colds and flu are all around us, its nice to know we have some natural remedies that are safe and over the counter, to rely on. Following are tips from Owen Homeopathics- stockists are listed on their website ( we do stock these as well)


As we know the best defense is prevention and people who are prone to frequent bouts of cold and flu may benefit from a dose of Anas barbariae 200c, fortnightly or monthly during the winter months.


The first symptoms of a cold or flu can be different for everyone, however these five remedies cover most situations. At the first sign of infection take Anas barbariae 200c, then Aconite in alternation with first aid tissue salt Ferrum phos for rapid onset or Gelsemium with Ferrum phos for slow onset. Ferrum phos and Kali mur are generally well indicated as they are understood to stimulate the immune system and reduce inflammation.


If the illness progresses, consider the remedies below, bearing in mind they may cover any or all of the stages, if they fit your particular picture.


Aconite: Sudden onset often preceded by exposure to chill



KiwiFruit and how it can help you!


Thursday Happy Hint 10/6/16 KIWI FRUIT


How well do you know your fruit.  The Kiwi fruit is a miracle package inside a brown fuzzy skin. You can eat the skin if de-fuzzed, but the lovely bright green interior is what helps us the most.


A Kiwi helps with:


High Blood Pressure.


High cholesterol.




Macular degeneration.


Weight gain.





Today I wish to discuss Autism and  Gluten and Casein. The GFCF diet works for some children and not for others it truly is a case of trying it out under proper supervision.




The GFCF diet removes two proteins: casein, which is found in all milk and dairy products, and gluten, which is contained in wheat, barley, rye, and some brands of oats [that may have been cross-contaminated with gluten]. The obvious culprits, like milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream, most breads, cereals, and pasta, should be avoided. But thousands of processed foods contain ingredients made from gluten or casein, so staples such as hot dogs, lunch meat, bottled salad dressings, jarred sauces, and even some margarine may not be allowed. Examining labels and ingredients is a must, especially since some substitute-dairy products may actually contain casein. For the GFCF diet to have a chance of working, the proteins need to be gone for good. In one study, kids who strayed from the diet just once every other month showed fewer improvements than those who broke the diet two times or less during a year.





Thursday happy hint- Candida- 5/5/16


Yes lets discuss CANDIDA or otherwise known as a yeast infection. There are approximately 154 types of Candida, some of which cause infections in fingernails or toenails, and vaginal infections in women as well as infections in the penile area in men. While others also cause problems within your body.


Yeast (Candida) is always present in your body. It even serves a valid function-to kill harmful bacteria and pathogens in your digestive tract. As long as you have a good acid/alkaline balance and a healthy population of beneficial bacteria in your system, the Candida are kept under control.


The problem arises, however, when Candida grows out of control. Then this relatively harmless yeast becomes a fungal monster that invades the rest of your body.




When Candida transforms from yeast to fungus, it penetrates the intestinal walls and makes them more porous, which allows the Candida, plus poorly digested food molecules, toxins and wastes to get into your bloodstream. This is called leaky gut syndrome and can lead to rashes, food intolerances, brain fog, skin/nail infections and infections in the genitourinary area in both men and women.


In addition, when yeast changes into fungus, two toxic substances-ethanol and acetaldehyde-are produced, which are harmful to your cells. They hamper your red blood cells’ ability to flow into capillaries, which can lead to migraines, muscle aches and fatigue. With white blood cells these toxins impair their ability to fight infection, which can cause allergies, slow healing, skin rashes and acne.


The important thing to note is that once Candida has manifested itself as an infection-whether it’s  a vaginal yeast infection, skin rash, fungal toenail infection or any other- that is a sign that Candida are already out of control in your body. So this suggests whatever medicines you may be given by your doctor for the symptoms (fungal nail etc) are of limited benefit. They may clear up your symptoms for a time, but the underlying cause- yeast overgrowth- has not been addressed. And its only a matter of time before it rears its ugly head again.


How can you take control and help this issue?


Try to eat a balanced diet (Acid/Alkaline)  certainly look at probiotics to increase and strengthen your good bacteria,


Candida yeast feed on SUGAR, PROCESSED FOOD, REFINED CARBOHYDRATES, and GLUTEN GRAINS and YEAST. So when you eliminate these foods from your diet you deprive Candida of the food sources it needs to multiply




How to Test for Candida at Home


The Candida Saliva Test


1. Fill a glass of water and place it by your bed before you go to sleep.


2. When you wake up in the morning, first thing. work up some saliva and spit into the glass of water. You must do this before anything else enters your mouth or touches your lips. So you can not kiss your partner, brush your teeth, drink water or eat anything before this test.


3. Take a look at your saliva in the glass immediately after you spit into the glass. Check again 3 minutes later, then every 15 minutes.


Healthy saliva will be clear and found floating on the top. Then it will slowly dissolve into the water without sinking or making the water cloudy. There may be some foam or bubbles present.


Candida saliva will have one or more of these three characteristics


  • Cloudy specks suspended in the water
  • Strings traveling down to the bottom of the glass
  • Cloudy saliva that sinks to the bottom of the glass.
  • The more strings, cloudiness, etc, the more candida is present


Yeast infection caused by Candida is transferable via sexual intercourse, and if your partner has it as well you may be spreading it back and forth. Men often do not have symptoms of Candida overgrowth until it is very severe, but regardless of symptoms, men can still have Candida.




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